Mid-Season TV Cancellation Rant

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by thatoneguy82, Mar 4, 2012.

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    I hate it when TV shows get cancelled right in the middle of a season, especially when the story line is just getting good and building up. Despite differing opinions on the quality of the show, it's still annoying to be in the middle of a story, then suddenly it stops and you never know what happens. Ever again. I can name several shows that has happened to, but one that just happened to is "Kyle XY". Yeah, yeah, I know, it's not a mind blowing show but the story telling was just getting good. A twist was just told and then bam, sorry, show is cancelled. No more episodes ever. It was cancelled in 2009.

    And, I'm not talking about season cliffhangers or cancelled shows that end with some semblance of a resolution. I'm talking about shows cancelled with a certain cliffhanger. Like a story being told that is just getting to the good part and suddenly just stops.

    Okay, I'm done.
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    Thanks for sharing. I feel the exact same way when they cancelled one of my favorite shows. I forgot the name because it has been awhile but it does get very annoying. Sometimes I wish that onstead of cancelling, the show could simply move to another network who is willing to pay the actors a little less but would still continue the storyline and give them a conclusion. This has happened to some shows but not many are that lucky.
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    I thought Community was cancelled mid-season but it was just on an extended hiatus with no return date, though it has a return date this month!

    Equally annoying to TV shows being cancelled mid season is being cancelled after a season. The story twists mid season, but there's always a cliff hanger at the end of the season to get you to watch the next season.

    I know most people thought it was rubbish, but I really enjoyed FlashForward. I was pretty gutted they didn't give it a season 2, since the finale and "sneak peak of season 2" looked awesome.
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    I felt that way about "Rubicon." I think it was too slow for the American audience (someone didn't get shot at until the 11th episode) but it had a much more complex element of suspense.
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    i thought the show started off pretty good, but it got meh really fast. about its ending, though, i thought it was pretty arrogant for the show runners to end the season with such a cliffhanger when it was fairly obvious it wasn't coming back for season 2.

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