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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Woutje, Feb 1, 2006.

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    Aug 21, 2005

    I'm thinking of getting a midi controller for my new iMac to input some tunes into garageband. This would be a USB midi controller by Edirol of maybe even Korg. Now, since i don't have any experience with midi or mac (just got it today), i'm a bit confused. If i buy this controller, will it work? Would it require special drivers? I've searched the web and there are some topics about those brands supporting Macintels, but those articles are about other hardware.
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    Can't help you with your questions, but these look sweet for not much $, and will work with OSX... though I don't know about the PPC/Intel issue... anyhow, I'm thinking of getting one (or its 61 key brother for a couple bucks more):


    Oh, and I only have a 1.33Ghz 12" iBook. I'll have to spring for an external monitor and some kind of plug-in soundcard, but I bet Garageband 3 will work (the iBook meets the minimum requirements). YMMV.
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    I havent heard about MIDI controller compatibility with the Intel macs, so i would contact the company and wait for a response before buying, just to be safe.

    Are you planning on playing in a "piano" style, or are you more interested in having knobs and sliders to use along with the keys? Do you like fully weighted keys similar to a piano, non-weighted keys, full size keys or mini keys?
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    MIDI is a proprietary communication code that has nothing to do with the OS or the processor.

    If you have a MIDI app (like garageband, Logic etc.) that will run on your machine then MIDI will talk to it.

    Like all external hardware your problem might be driver based, but most of the modern controllers are USB, and the support is in the OS.

    Once your app of choice is native on the Intel chips, then I'd think you'd have little or no problems.

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