MIDI file is much lower on computer

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by upsguy27, Dec 20, 2008.

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    So, I have a Treo 750, and I really like the text message received sound, so I copied it to my computer (it's a .mid file) and when I try to play it, it's much lower than it is on the device. Not volume lower, but tone lower. Why is that? I want to use it as a ring on my iPhone.
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    Please don't make "bump / anyone?" posts....

    My guess would be that the General MIDI implementation on the Treo and on the Mac use significantly different instruments and/or there is no instrument identified for the tone in the file, and so it's being played on instruments with very different dynamic ranges on the two.

    If you really want it, you might try opening it in some other software besides Quicktime, and when you find something that works, just convert it into a digital audio file (MP3, AIFF, etc). Or even try another computer, e.g. Windows, and see if you get it to play as you like, and then convert it to an audio file.
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    U can import midi files into gargageband and mess with the instruments and octaves or what have and easily export it as a ringtone

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