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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Shadow, Mar 28, 2006.

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    Hey everyone,

    When I get my MacBook I'm looking to use my keyboard (Yamaha PSR-270) on my Mac laptop (to make stuff in Garageband, ect). The keyboard has MIDI out, but how does this get into the laptop? Some sort of audio interface, and if so, which ones are good? Sorry if this has been asked before!

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    Definition of terms: MIDI is not Audio.
    There are MIDI interfaces, Audio interfaces, and devices which combin e both.

    First step: Check and see if your Yamaha has a USB port. If it does, chances are that it already functions as a USB - MIDI interface.

    If it doesn't you'll have to get a MIDI interface -- USB-MIDI interfaces go from $35 and up.

    Now MIDI is just note-on note-off data - it does not contain any sound. It is a way for you to input note values into Garageband or other software from the Yama, and a way for the software to control the Yamaha with 'magic fingers' and play it.

    An Audio interface gives you the ability to record sound into the computer, and play computer generated or digitally recorded sound out -- this is separate from MIDI.

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