Midnight Mansion

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    Sep 23, 2008
    Hello Fellow Apple Members,

    Midnight Mansion.
    I just love this game. Why? Well, it is endless.....!
    There are many mansions, a tutorial, and 3 levels ie: easy, medium & hard, with Secret Rooms, Zappers and Spiders just to mention a few.

    After you've finished the mansions that come with the game,

    The forum members are allowed to make their own mansions and submit them for all to play. They are called Custom Mansions. The software to make these custom mansions are available to all who purchased the game. Your 20 bucks gets quite the mileage.

    Oh, I know, everyone is into the 3-D games. I too, own so many of the X-Box expensive ones. But this little 2-D game has me hooked. I mean it. You just become obsessed trying to get little Jack to make all those jumps and find all those secrets. Once I finish the expensive X-Box games, I'm done. But with Midnight Mansion.....there is always another custom mansion to play. And I have the opportunity to use my iMac to create a custom mansion.

    The below link gets you to the page for a free demo, with NO TIME LIMIT and NO LIMIT ON HOW MANY TIMES YOU PLAY FOR FREE.

    The young inventor Vern is not a money grabber. Little Jack reminds me of the original Mario Brothers character. Also, everyone in the forum is very helpful and friendly. Don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself.


    Believe it or not, even tho we all love the 3-D games and this one may seem like child's play in comparison......don't be fooled. The harder levels are really challenging and can keep you up for hours if not days trying to finish. You will find yourself as obsessed as all of us.

    "A day without Jack is like a day without sunshine."

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