Midwest USA flooding

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by SilentPanda, Jun 12, 2008.

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    Anybody else "enjoying" the excessive water in the midwest USA?


    Fortunately my house seems to be doing okay and actually the whole city I'm in is far enough away. But the city I work in isn't doing as well nor the city some of my coworkers/friends live in.


    Fortunately we're kind of prepared in that we had a flood in 1993. This one is supposed to be worse but we at least know in general which areas are going to flood and are able to move people out of those areas.

    Most amazing I think is the outpouring of help people are getting. A ton of volunteers are making sandbags. I know one location I was at was putting out 6 tons of sandbags per hour. That's a lot of sand in bags! No fancy machines... just a shovel and back work.

    Some facilities are opening up their spare rooms. I know the retirement center opened up about 50 beds to those displaced.

    Most places have surpassed the 100 year flood plain which is what we hit in 1993 and we're now evacuating the 500 year flood plain in those areas. 100 year just means there is a 1% chance every year of the area getting flooded and now we're at the .2% chance...

    In 1993 the Iowa River peaked around 28.5 feet, is currently at 26.87 feet and is supposed to peak at 30.3 feet or so. That's just nuts.

    Maybe I should bottle the water and sell it on eBay. "Official 2008 Midwest Flood Water! Totally unpurified! $30 Buy it now!"
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    Well, I live in Iowa City now, and used to live in Cedar Rapids. I've been to the Coralville Spillway several times since the flooding hype began. It is truly impressive how much water there is (and is going to be!).

    I've been taking photos rather vigorously, and tried to pitch in where I can. Unfortunately, I am leaving for my Honeymoon with my wife today, and so I won't be around to do more.

    Downtown Iowa City is getting hit pretty bad on campus, especially the lower elevation areas of the arts campus. As the water table rises it will spell trouble for some of the closest buildings, sandbags or not. This has the makings to be a very, very bad situation. Evacuations started this morning for some people living in low-lying areas. I feel truly bad for those people.

    Cedar Rapids also looks pretty bad, but I've not been down that way in a few days. I don't doubt that it will get worse before it gets better.

    We can only hope that the damage is minimal and that enough volunteers and support staff turn up to make a real difference.
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    A coworker told me all the bridges going from 380 to downtown CR (to the IMAX and such) are under water... and those bridges are pretty high out of the water... well... were.

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