Miep Gies dies at 100

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by bradl, Jan 12, 2010.

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    Jun 16, 2008
    If this wonderful lady's name doesn't ring a bell, your History teacher needs to slap you.


    How someone could know this woman and her story, yet deny the Holocaust is beyond me. Miep, if it weren't for you and others with your convictions and character, a lot of families would not be here today. Thank you.

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    Henri Gaudier

    May 4, 2005
    " ....... your History teacher needs to slap you."

    In the history of the earth she is a tiny figure so how can you expect to know of/ teach about every tiny figure since the dawn of time. Secondly, if it's important to you, shouldn't you slap the history teacher for not having taught it and not the other way around?

    She was undoubtedly a remarkable lady but to be honoured with "Righteous Gentile" and accept it? It's a pity after everything she tolerated that kind of racist crap!

    Off topic a tad but I'm sick of THE Holocaust. It was A holocaust (or should that be an?) and not THE.

    As for denial; I think some of it is engendered by the way it is a closed historical fact beyond discussion. To deny is to be imprisoned in many countries or at least face a lot of State hassle. I myself have found it difficult to discuss. I read that the number 6 million was reached without investigation but was the number given by Wilhelm Höettl who said he was quoting another. (The other denied it) When in company I asked whether this was true, had anyone else heard it I was given a lot of sh*t. I wasn't stating I was asking. This experience has given me some sympathy with questioners of the situation but not rabid deniers.

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