iPad mini Might change mind on color

Discussion in 'iPad' started by wolfpackfan, Nov 2, 2012.

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    My black mini is on the truck for delivery but based on past experience I'm not expecting delivery until this afternoon. So just went out to my local Apple Store and looked at the store models. I absolutely love the new mini but after seeing the white model, I'm not sure I will like my black model as much. Debating about whether to exchange my black model for the white one. The white model really looked great IMO. They had plenty of stock, so I guess I'll decide before I open the box.
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    Love the comments here

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    I'm just the exact opposite, lol. All the demo videos they showed displayed the White mini, so that is what I pre-ordered. All the mini review videos that came out yesterday showed the Black unit, so I have been second guessing myself and thinking about returning for black for the past two days!

    That said, I obviously need to get my hands on my white mini when it gets here to be sure. I can say for sure i made a mistake in choosing colors for the smart cover. I went with the light grey, as it looked to blend in the best with the white mini when selecting online. In retrospect however, I'm really digging the red and will most likely return the smart cover for sure.

    These are the perils of pre-ordering before you get a chance to see things in person unfortunately.
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    I see the dilemma... black ... .white... oh NO!!!. I just wish they offered the mini in all the colors like the iPod touch 5th gen. Then we would really have an issue on our hands.

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