Mighty Mouse Covered By Apple Care?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Mr. Incredible, Jul 9, 2011.

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    I have the Mighty Mouse and these Rechargable batteries from the Apple store. A few months ago, my mouse would just lose connection to my iMac, then reconnect by itself. This has happened randomly a few times a while back.

    Yesterday though, my battery was at 5%, so I turned off the mouse, replaced the batteries, flipped the switch; but it won't turn on.

    I thought it was the batteries at first, I checked em on my remote control for the tv, and it works. Tried the other pair of rechargeable batteries after charging them and it doesn't work. Tried duracell AA batteries; nothing.

    The green light won't turn on, on the bottom of the mouse, and I have this Bluetooth connection window on my screen trying to find my mighty mouse for 10 minutes, but it won't work.

    I think my mouse died on me, and u have the extended 3-year warranty on my computer. Will Apple replace my mouse if I go there?

    I know that they replace defected earphones for your iPhone, so replacing a defective mouse shouldn't be a problem right?

    Btw, before anyone asks, I typed all this on my iPhone.
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    Update: So, I tired the duracell batteries again, and it worked. It's on and connected to my computer.

    I'm thinking the rechargeable batteries that I tried earlier are bad. Since my keyboard was at 23%, I figured I might as well try it on my keyboard. Put the rechargeable batteries, and my keyboard is now at 100%.

    So, the rechargeable batteries work on my keyboard, and it works on my tv remote, but its not working on my mighty mouse for some reason.

    Anyone know why this would be happening?
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    Did the mouse come with the computer? If so, they'll replace it. They might even replace it if its not as you'd be without a mouse and Apple support is very good. But yeah, give them a call, they'll replace it.

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