Mighty mouse works weird with iBook when...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Zman5225, Jul 4, 2006.

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    May 15, 2005
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    Here's a weird one for you guys, I could use some advice.

    I have the last revision iBook and a mighty mouse that works together perfectly....except when I turn on my new external HDD. It's a DIY maxtor 300gb and a Metal Gear Box firewire/usb2.0 combo. It still functions good, except when the ExHDD is turned on, the migthy mouse constantly clicks as if im pressing the two side buttons (which I had set to use expose.) I tried going into system preferences and turning off the two side buttons to use expose, but it doesnt do anything. It only does it when I have my hand VERY VERY lightly resting on the front of the mouse, like a person would when hes just using a mouse. It'll constantly do the "clicking" sound and keep opening and closing expose. It'll do it even if I set two fingers up towards the front. I tried unplugging the mouse, then replugging it in, and it still happens. It only goes away when the external HDD is turned off.

    It's just a very minor annoyance because I will have it off 99% of the time, and on only when i'm backing up files or accessing pictures. Just wondering if any of you have heard about this before?



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