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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by pedex, Nov 20, 2007.

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    hi everyone. I have been searching and found quite a bit on the eye tv, but not much on the Mglia tuners. Which do you think would be a better value?

    I am hoping on getting HD OTA and running analog cable direct from the wall to it. I have COX communications in the Phoenix Metro Area and I am still researching if I can get HD from the cable line for free (which I think I can).

    If I can I would like to take my old Video 8 movies from the 80's and digitize them but thats not necessarily a must. Mostly I just want to watch tv in my bedroom. If it can record thats just a plus.

    i have an ALU iMac 2.4 24inch with 4 gigs ram. any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Aug 2, 2007
    please Delete-- accidental duplicate post

    please Delete-- accidental duplicate post
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    Elgato does not make any of its hardware, as far as I know. The basic, hybrid and diversity usb sticks are made by Hauppauge. In fact, you can use the mechanically identical Windows versions with your EyeTV software, and it sometimes has difficulty distinguishing these from the Elgato branded versions.

    I have one Miglia product, the TV expresscard. This came with a unprinted CD containing something called Tube software. After Miglia's falling out with Elgato, it had to quickly find some other software to use. Miglia is in the process of writing its own software for its own products to replace Tube or whatever it is called. The upshot is, the price of Miglia TV hardware has fallen substantially, since you do not have to pay the high price for the Elgato drivers and software.

    I already had EyeTV software, which recognised the Miglia card, so I never installed the software that came with it.

    By the way, the new Elgato Turbo264 card looks mightily like the cheaper ADS techs Instant Video To-Go card.
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    I had a miglia tv card (forget the name), All recordings were out of sync 10 minutes in and kept drifting. They had no answer or fix for it. The picture quality was very ordinary.

    Had a couple of miglia 'directors cut' (converts dv for firewire capture).
    Both had issues with the firewire hardware.

    Got an eyetv hybrid a month back.
    very happy with it.
    I wont buy anything from miglia again. ever.
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    Mac Digital TV Tuners Market Heats Up

    The Macintosh OSX tuner market is getting interesting with so many PC Switchers and Apple's growing market share. Miglia falling out with ElGato and no longer bundling EyeTV hurts them, but partnering with Equinux for The Tube software helps. (Tho it's still a work-in-progress, regular updates to TheTube are helping to plug it's glaring holes, and recently a v2.7.4 update added a much longer list of supported tuners.)

    The Analog to Digital TV transition isn't helping, I'm trying to sort out the confusion at http://www.mac-digital-tv-tuners.com/ - There's too many 'last-years analog-only' models still out on the market. ATI, Hauppauge, and Pinnacle joined in the 3rd party Hybrid tuner market - tho many will find, if bundled, Eye TV LITE waaaaay to 'light' on features and the cost of upgrading to the full EyeTV a bit pricey.

    All I know is my years of futzing with Mac television tuners - and recently getting a my.TV-WinTV Mac compatible hybrid unit - I'm reaching the horrid conclusion I'm going to have to buy a HUGE ROOFTOP ANTENNA if I'm going survive this Digital transition out here in the country. :(

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