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    Ok.. So I've got a MacMini server running Lion (not ML) and one of the old Apple software upgrades had some issues a long time ago and I've decided that I'd like to re-install a fresh brand new image of OSX on the 2nd drive..

    So, last night I fired up OSX Recovery mode and told it to install OSX on the 2nd drive after a fresh reformat was done. So, I've now got the old OSX installation and the new one.. So, it becomes an issue of moving the various settings over from the old to the new.. Specifically I'm interested in the following questions being answered :

    1) Migrating Mail - old system has the apple provided mail server -- I think mail lives somewhere down in /var/... Is this just a case of moving that tree from old to new?

    2) Mail filters -- care of the web mail service (Squirrelmail) - what's the best way to move my filters over -- I've got a good amount of filters defined..

    3) Notes - I gather notes are stored on the mailserver along with the mail -- if that's the case then I probably don't need to do anything special if I do #1 above.. correct/

    4) Calendar entries -- where/how are these stored and what's the best way to move them?

    5) ??? others I missed outside of Apps + user data?

    6) Is there some compelling reason to move to Mountain Lion server at this point? One thing I dislike about ML (which I have on a laptop) is that the Launchpad app no longer allows paging using the arrow keys -- the arrows instead move left/right by one application at a time instead of an entire page like in Lion.

    7) IF there's a compelling reason to move to ML Server, can it be done from scratch or is it primarily a Lion->ML->ML Server sort of path forward?

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    Jan 8, 2013
    Ok.. For others that may be interested :

    Heres the way to backup all of the Postgres databases for caldav, roundcube and others :

    $ sudo pg_dumpall -U _postgres >/tmp/Postgres_backup-dump_all.psql

    Note that the above will NOT backup any filters as they are not stored with Roundcube but hang out with the Sieve code which handles that stuff -- that stuff can be found in /Library/Server/Mail/Data/rules/...

    Apparently the mail is also stored there -- in /Library/Server/Mail/Data/mail/...

    I'm still looking into some of the rest...
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