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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Big Wendell, Oct 12, 2013.

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    I have a Mini and my girlfriend has a MacBook Pro both running 10.8. We're going to sell her MacBook. Is it possible to migrate her account as it is on the MacBook to my Mini? I'd rather not move files and settings piecemeal.
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    Make a new account with the same name has her old account. Then put the two Macs on the network and setup file sharing in both. Then on the new Mac account use /Applications/Utilities/Migration Assistant.app to transfer all her stuff over.

    Plus before you erase her old Mac tell her to go into the Mac and into iTunes and deauthorized the Mac to the iTunes store. This way the machine would no longer be tied to her account.
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    Connect the two machines directly with an Ethernet cable then start Migration Assistant on the Mini and follow the prompts. When you get to the screen where you select what to move over make sure you UNcheck everything except the box next to her user account. Check all the boxes in the subsection beneath her name. This will import her user account along with all it's data and personal settings.

    Do not setup her account on the Mini before you do this or it will import onto itself and make a mess.

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