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    May 30, 2009
    Hi Friends,

    I need your help with Mail.app and Outlook 2011. With 2 macs and multiple mail accounts, I am trying to kill the need to sync my macs using chronosync (works well but not ideal).

    on Mail.app - I dragged and dropped all folders on my hard disk to online and all my mail is now online and now set to IMAP, I can access all folders/sub folders etc on iPhone, iPad, MBP, MBA and online. :D (here I access gmail and .mac mail)

    on Outlook 2011 - I want to move all my POP mail (down loaded to the hard disk) to something similar like I did on Mail.app. Is it possible and how can I do it ? :confused: (here I access yahoo and hotmail). I am even happy to buy a software that does this - if one exists !

    That will solve desire/problem 1.

    Desire 2 - :rolleyes:

    I want to do this on both Mail.app and Outlook 2011 :

    Select/use rules such that I get a copy of the e-mail to move to my hard disk and leave a copy online. When I access it from my other computer it happens similarly. After say 90 days the copy online gets deleted but not the ones copies to my hard disk (both macs). How can I achieve this ?

    My best bet is to use your experience as you might have been through something like this way before I have reached that stage of multiple macs and data management.

    Arigato Gosaimasu

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    May 30, 2009
    Update - only one problem left

    The moving messages from Outlook 2011 to Yahoo IMAP is solved. Its painfully manual and slow and fraught with time outs. But do-able.

    Issue 2 -

    When I keep the mail on IMAP/web, then everytime i connect with either MBP/MBA I will get the same details/mails/folders/folder contents... so far so good.

    1. Can I use "copy to folder" to move a copy of the msg from the web to hard disk, I want to then delete the mail from the web (manually/automaticaly) once I have copied the message on both machines.

    2. How can retain a copy on my hard disk when I delete a message from online space say mail.com/yahoo.com (want to store the copy of each msg in "on my computer" in MS 2011 and "on my mac" in Mail.app).

    How do I copy messages into folders using rules so that both the online version and the 2 macs ave the same rule/view.




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