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Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by throwthedice, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. throwthedice macrumors regular

    Aug 27, 2015
    I'm sure there's a way to copy/sync messages from android phone to iPhone. I tried to search the forum and Google as well, yet no simple way of doing this. Every site wants me to install an app - which still ok but I don't want to install some crap software, which is my I'm creating a thread to know your opinion on this.

    The "android to iOS" is a poor app that only works when you are still setting up the phone and not later.
  2. bzegrl macrumors newbie


    Sep 25, 2015
    i'm sorry you are having issues with this. I used the android to iOS during initial setup and all my messages transferred. Maybe re-do the initial setup and try using android to iOS. but first back up the iphone, do a factory reset and them then restore. Maybe it works that way. Its a pain but that may be the only way. Sorry!
  3. throwthedice thread starter macrumors regular

    Aug 27, 2015
    So if I understand this correctly, I will have to back up my phone, then reset to factory and use the android to ios app and then restore again? Won't this overwrite whatever I have done i.e., move my stuff to iOS?

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