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    My MacBook Pro (mid 2007) developed a graphics card fault recently and nothing can be seen on the screen. Apart from that it works perfectly.
    I now have an iMac (early 2009) and want to transfer my files and settings to the new Mac.
    Both Macs are running the latest version of Mountain Lion.

    I can't use Migration Assistant because I can't see the screen on the old Mac. I can use Target Disk Mode to transfer files, but as I want to transfer settings too, how can I do this without a clean install? I guess I need to transfer /Library and ~/Library but without overwriting files that are unique to the new Mac. Obviously I will leave the System folder well alone. I have already copied my applications and user data over.

    Since I want to overwrite Library files that are common to both Macs, it would be useful to know if this is doable, or not doable because the files' contents are machine dependent.

    If the whole thing is just asking for trouble, I'll try and figure out a way of using Migration Assistant, maybe with full keyboard access. If anyone can help me out with a set of screenshots detailing the Migration Assistant process on the Mac from which the transfer is done, that would be absolutely incredible.

    Edit: Should I also copy hidden files and folders (I haven't done this at all yet, either from the user folder, the root of the old drive, or the Library folder)
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