Migrated account from iMac, now need help minimizing iTunes window.

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by gsampson, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. gsampson macrumors member

    Dec 3, 2007
    I migrated my account from a 24in iMac, and now the itunes window on my Macbook is so big and I can't find a way to minimize the window. It goes way below the dock window.

    If anyone can help, thanks!
  2. wrldwzrd89 macrumors G5


    Jun 6, 2003
    Solon, OH
    There are 3 ways to fix this. All of these require that iTunes not be running.

    1. Find and delete the iTunes preferences file.
    2. Use the Terminal, along with the defaults command, to edit the offending preference within the preference file to a more sensible value
    3. Same as #2, but using Property List Editor (requires installing the developer tools)
  3. gsampson thread starter macrumors member

    Dec 3, 2007
    That actually didn't work. It was still extra large after I deleted the pref file.

    I found something that did work, just in case someone else finds this problem.

    I changed the screen to 800/600 and the window was small again. Then just switched it back. Easy solution, but I'm glad I thought of it.
  4. Drewsky87 macrumors 6502


    Dec 5, 2008
    There's a script that you can run in the script editor as well to change the window size. I had the same problem a while ago and found the script but I forgot where I found it.

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