migrated parallels to new MBP - windows needs reactivating

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by mrklaw, Nov 2, 2008.

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    Jan 29, 2008

    I recently bought a new macbook pro. restored from my old macbook time machine backup, and copied across the parallels folder from it separately.

    For some reason I had to run something on parallels (transporter?) on the old image which took ages and ended up with me having two versions of xp running, one called 'winxp migrated'.

    I don't want two installs on my mac taking up space, so I want to delete one. I tried running the version that I originally copied across, and it boots up, but windows says it has detected major hardware changes and needs reactivating.

    Now, is there anything special I need to do, or will it just do its thing and work ok? Its an OEM WinXP Media center 2005. Only used on my old macbook and now this MBP, so only one computer at a time. or is this new 'migrated' version the one i should be using, and I should delete the original?

    Think I'll keep a copy on a USB HDD just in case too
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    I've been noticing more, after reloads, the "Activate over the internet" has been working fine. If I ever ran into a snag, I just called the 800 number listed on the "Activate over the phone" screen.

    The rep will ask if you have installed this more than one time or have changed your hardware; just answer that you reloaded your machine and that'll do the job.


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    Yes, that should do the trick
    It can be a pain if you have to call, but you should be fine

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