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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by McDLT, Aug 22, 2010.

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    Don't know if this forum is the spot but...

    just ordered a mac pro to replace a g5 ppc tower. i do a lot of photo retouching so color accuracy is important. planning on doing a clean install of everything rather than using the migration assistant.

    i am keeping the same monitor. will i be able to transfer my existing profile or do i need a new one due to having a new machine?

    i don't own any calibration tools, used to just borrow them from friends, but i moved recently. if i absolutely have to, i will purchase one, but obviously got hit in the wallet pretty good by the pro.

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    On old Mac:

    Sys Prefs to Displays,
    Color tab to selecting profile you want,
    Select "Open Profile" on right, (opens in CS utility)
    File, Save As, (.icc)
    Save to Desktop,
    Transfer file to new machine,
    Copy file to /System/Library/ColorSync/Profiles,
    Quit Sys Prefs (if open), open again, select profile. You may need a restart for all I know.

    I have not tried to open a saved profile this way, but I know you can do this, at the very least (as in, I know you can save the profile as .icc which is what the system views, and that's the folder where they are stored). Also, I don't know if the file format changed from OS to OS, but this is how it is in Snow Leopard.

    I don't believe this data transfers on a Migration as it's located in the System folder.

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