Migrating Transmission to another Mac - Headache

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    Hi everyone!

    So the story goes like this - I've been using my Stock processor G4 Cube (With Leopard installation to run a newer version of Transmission) for Torrenting for 3 years now and have noticed significant slowdowns as I add more torrents. So I finally decided to migrate all my torrents to my newer Intel-based iMac.
    The obvious migration process would be copying the Preferences to the new machine, connecting the Drives, which contain the actual torrent data and then just launching the app. Not so.
    As I mentioned before I was using Leopard on my G4 Cube, so the latest Transmission version I could run was v2.22.
    So I downloaded the latest version from their homepage, copied ALL respective preferences, caches, Application support etc. files from the Cube to respective locations on the new machine. Remapped the ports to the respective Local IP Address on my Airport Extreme. Launching Transmission. Froze. Relaunched - no changes. Restarted, launched - no changes, still freezes. Deleted preferences, launched - finally got it to work. Reset all the settings - seeding ratio, watch folder, etc. It seemed like everything was fine and for about 4 hrs it was! Then after 4 hrs the drive (that has most of the torrent data) that was connected to the Airport Extreme suddenly disconnected... All torrents stopped. I quit Transmission, relaunched it and now it wouldn't connect to any tracker and shows me "Tracker returned error: Tracker gave HTTP response code 0 (No Response)" for MOST torrents.
    Newly added torrents won't download. Older downloaded torrents won't seed.
    And even though the information window shows me that it has located seeders and leechers for the selected torrent [​IMG]
    And it still won't download. No idea what's going on. Has anyone faces similar problems when transferring torrents to another machine? Anyone resolved these issues? Would love some input from you :)

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