Migration assistant doesn't like me :(

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by RedTomato, Dec 15, 2008.

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    I have a personal white macbook with 320 GB drive, which I use for both home and work.

    My workplace has just bought me a new white macbook with a 120 GB drive to use at work.

    So I used migration assistant to transfer my account and apps to my brand new work macbook. My home folder is about 200GB, but everything else, apps etc is about 30GB so I clicked migrate everything except the home folder. (I plan to transfer my work materials separately.)

    Doesn't work. Is the home folder compulsory?

    Also I had 15GB of Bootcamp on the personal macbook. This came up as a drive in the Migration assistant screen, so I had OK'd the transfer. Is this another reason why the migration failed?

    Finally, the new work macbook is 10.5.4, and my personal macbook is 10.5.5 - is this another failure issue?

    Will I have to wipe the new work macbook HDD, reinstall Leopard, bring up to 10.5.5 or 10.5.6, then manually transfer stuff?
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    If booting it up for the first time and using the MA, it's possible (though I have no idea off the top of my head) that it requires user information to be transferred over as well with apps and the like (because some apps contain data that is stored in the home library in order to function). My guess would be to create a new user first (which will create a new home directory), and then run the MA in order to transfer the other data. Or possibly, there is just too much data to be transfered. While you may have 120gb drive in it, formatting takes up about 10-15 gbs and the base install takes up at least 20gb's with all the printer drivers and language files and iLife stuff. You could go about and perform a fresh install on it and customize the installation to remove those unnecessary files.

    Or, if I'm reading it wrong, transfer over the user data first, and then go about using the MA after the machine is running (accessed from the Utilities folder) to transfer everything else.

    As far as I know, bootcamp can not be migrated as it requires a separate partition in order to work. Even if you had the other partition pre-made, Mac OS cannot write files (only read) to an NTFS formatted volume and wouldn't be able to do much anyway. In that case I would target disk the old machine to the new one with a firewire cable and attempt to manually transfer over any personal data from that bootcamp partition to your Mac HD, which can later be copied to a flash drive or burned to a disk in order to get it back to Windows.

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