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    Hey everyone,

    We just picked up our new riMac. Just the Wife and I, two accounts. Plan is to migrate our mid 2010 Macbook/Pro over to our respective accounts. M.A. worked good for her Macbook. Not so good with my Macbook Pro. It keeps stalling exactly at "about 2 minutes left". I am on my 3rd or 4th try now.

    The connection is ethernet. I have went through the disk utility to see if my MBP had any errors that needed to be fixed. I did a lot of paring down the drive so it wasn't a lot of data that need to be moved over. I googled the issue and apparently it is an issue however did not find any definitive solutions.

    Worked great for my Wife's MB but not mine. So thinking it could be a source?

    Thanks in advance for any help/recommendations.
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    Had to do it the long way but got it. Even backing up to Time Machine and doing Migration Assistant did not work. It would hang with 2 minutes left.

    Anyway, maybe this will help someone else.

    Used a cable to connect my MBP and the rImac. Thunderbolt to Firewire in this case.

    Ensure you have created a user account that is not associated with your macbook. On MBP, hold down "T" key while booting from an off staus. You will see this funny looking graphic that looks like a "Y". Anyway it will show up as a hard drive on rImac.

    In iMac finder, GO>Computer>Mcintosh HD>Users

    Open hard drive icon that is the MBP. Navigate to the user you want to migrate. Drag and drop into the Users folder in the Finder window.

    Open System Preferences>Users and Groups. Unlock to make changes. Add New User. User must be Administrator. Name can be whatever you want but account name has to EXACTLY match the name in the account you just copied.

    Under Password, choose "use separate password", and enter the password from your MBP account. That should link the files to your account and keep the Password Keychain intact.

    Then hit Create User button to complete.

    Log out of the dummy account. You should see your proper user account to log in. Log into the good account and then you can delete the dummy account.

    You may have to manually copy some Apps over if they existed at the System level and not User Account.

    Caveat Emptor is that this is what worked for us and we had help from a Mac Guru. YMMV.
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