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Discussion in 'macOS' started by rimvydukas, Sep 3, 2009.

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    Sep 3, 2009

    So the problem. I lived with 20" imac (leopard). When SL showed up I upgraded to it. No problems at all. Few days ago I bought 24" imac. Did the fresh SL installation. My initial 20" imac has two partitions on internal hdd. One is for system and the other is for users data (users homes are moved in there). I did this a while ago using the following article:


    So when I bought new imac my desire was to move all of my programs and users settings to the new imac. I did full time machine backup before doing any further steps.

    After I did that I started migration assistant on the new imac. Selected to transfer settings from my old imac. Selected to connect both imacs via network. And when migration assistant window came out with items to migrate I saw that it doesn't want to migrate user profiles. I expanded users section and saw the following strange thing under each user - this user's data doesn't need to be transferred". Why is that? Is it because two partitions combination? I tried to use migration assistant with time machine backup created earlier - the same story:( Can anyone help me to resolve this issue with users data migration. I'm out of ideas:(
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    Sep 3, 2009
    Problem is that it seems that migration assistant doesn't understand such configuration. It seems that Apple didn't thought that user can be clever and that it can change default configuration. So I've ended with the following solution:

    migration assistant restored my users and not their homes. so I took user homes from time machine backup and copied these homes manualy to required places.

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