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Discussion in 'iMac' started by barbicanduck, May 17, 2011.

  1. barbicanduck macrumors newbie

    May 17, 2011
    I'm transferring from a dodgy 3 year old imac to a shiny new imac via firewire and using target mode, and I'm hitting 11 hours now.

    The time for migration has changed about four times but the blue marker showing where we are at has been the same since the beginning.

    I've rung apple three times today and they say be patient.

    By 11am tomorrow morning, it'll be 24 hours.

  2. Butler Trumpet macrumors 6502

    Butler Trumpet

    May 26, 2004
    Dekalb IL
    That really sounds like your older iMac's hard drive is starting to go. So, you have a few options.

    Let it go, and see what happens. I've seen it take a day or two and then be fine. If you have some bad sectors on the old drive it may just be working through those. The downside to this, is that if the drive IS starting to fail, and your data transfer won't complete, you are increasing your chances of hurting that drive more.

    Or... you can stop it, re-image your new iMac.... set up a user and then manually transfer stuff through the Finder (Still put your old iMac in target mode... it should mount on the desktop, then drag stuff off of it)

    Or... you just have a lot of stuff. How big was your older drive? How full was it?

    Let me know if you have any questions.... Data transfers can be tricky from a failing hard drive. But, it sounds like you should be able to get most if not all of your stuff one way or another.
  3. barbicanduck thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 17, 2011
    Hi Butler Trumpet

    Thanks so so much for replying to me!!! It's reassuring to know that these things can take two days or so. It's the not knowing and only seeing the change in how long the migration's going to take that has been v. unsettling.

    As you may see I'm a total newbie to this forum. I did manage to time machine the dodgy imac beforehand, so I do have the data safe and sound - only 40 gbs of it in total.

    Apple care advised me not to take over the old applications in the Migration, in case those are causing the problems on the old mac. So the Applications box was unticked, the rest were ticked.

    This morning (as of now really) it's been 24 hours since I started the migration assistant and now the screen message states it's going to take 5 hours and 45 minutes.

    Yesterday at 12.30pm, an hour and a half into migration, it said it wd take 1 hr and 26 mins, then at 1.30pm it said 1 hr and 37 mins. This is the only thing that's changing, and Apple care said so long as this changes, and there is no error message everything is OK (well they said that 20 hours ago).

    The blue indicator in the bar is still just one millimetre in, just as it was at the very beginning? Is this normal?

    It all started when last thursday someone sent an iworks folder via skype and I had both Iworks 08 and 09 installed. That's when the old machine threw a wobbler.

    The conflict in never using the application may have caused the initial freeze. Ultimately the old iMac crashed and only until zapping the PRAM, did the computer finally boot up in Safe Mode. iCal, Mail and Safari were usually open when the freeze or crash occurred. iCal did display duplicate and blank events after restarting. The computer cd be started up but it asked for System account owner but did not allow access despite login details correctly entered, so I booked a Genius Bar appointment and took a bit of plastic with me so that i could buy a new iMac just in case.

    A hour at the Genius Bar on Monday resulted in being shown how to transfer data from the old iMac to the new one I wd be buying, in target mode without the migration assistant, and then how to do it in migration assistant with the emphasis being on the latter being better (and easier to a novice like me).

    I was also shown how to replace the mail folder within the new library with the old one, so that all emails transfer over by using drag and drop.

    The old mac now does start normally though it takes forever and allowed time machine to take a proper back-up without freezing. I did this before commencing the migration. I don't know whether this would still be the case, mind.

    I'm also worried about transferring the old ical as it tells us what we're doing with website for the next three months. It took 2 weeks for me to type this up, you see.

    Butler Trumpet, what do you mean by 're-imaging your new iMac", and how do I do that?

    is there anything I should do instead with the external hard drive seeing it did back up the old mac yesterday? Should I just plug the external hard drive which contains the time machine info from the old mac into the new one, once I restart it? I'm worried that it would have also taken a copy of the corrupt files and applications and I'd be 'infecting' my shiny new iMac.

    Since typing this the on-screen message is stating about 7 hours and 16 minutes remaining. The amount keeps increasing not decreasing and the blue part of the horizonal progress bar is still just one millimetre in.

    I hope you haven't given you too much information here, I don't know what's relevant so thought it's best to tell you everything :)

    Thank you

    Barbican Duck
  4. cawesjmu macrumors 6502

    Apr 4, 2004
    Richmond, VA
    That iWork folder would worry me. Read this article. http://news.cnet.com/8301-1009_3-10148359-83.html It's a bit old, but you may have gotten a Trojan. If you used Time Machine regularly, I would try migrating to your new iMac from the Time Machine backup of the day before getting that iWork folder.

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