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    Okay folks any ideas

    I have an older PC with TONS of photos on it - tried to migrate them to my IMAC - but it only copied about 1/5th of the files - and it copied them onto a new user acct on the IMAC - what am I doing wrong here.

    Thanks in advance

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    Jan 4, 2013
    I copied the following from a PDF guide I had made a while ago!
    If you need the pictures, I uploaded the PDF here: http://cl.ly/2V2X3y2f0f2Y

    (Or you could use an external drive, probably ten times faster than smb.)

    Manually Connecting a PC
    If WMA fails, or if there is only one or two things to move, a
    manual migration over Ethernet might be the solution. Before starting a manual migration, be sure the two computers are connected via an Ethernet Cable, and that there is a user account on the Mac. If it is a new machine, you will need to create an account.
    Step 1
    Launch System Preferences, and enter the Sharing sub menu.
    Step 2
    From the sharing sub menu, first
    check the box next to File Sharing then click on the Options button. This will open the Mac for incoming connections.
    Step 3
    Next, open the Mac for incoming Connections from a PC. First, click the box for “Share files and folders using SMB.” Second, click the box next to the user you will be migrating the data to, doing this, you will be prompted to enter the user password.
    Step 4
    The final step to prepare the Mac is to obtain
    the Ethernet IP address. From the main Systems Preferences screen, access the Network sub menu. Make note of the Ethernet IP as it needs to be entered on the Mac.
    Step 5
    On the PC, launch the run prompt. You can access
    this from the Start Menu, using the keyboard command “Win Key + R Key”
    Step 6
    Now, you’re ready to connect. In the
    run prompt, type “\\” followed by the IP Address you got in step 4. This will then ask for a user name name and password. This is the user name and password for the Mac.
    If everything went well, a window will open inwhich you
    should now be able to browse the file system on the Mac from inside Windows Explorer. It is best to open two windows and drag and drop the files in between the two. Sometimes, you will get an error when trying copy entire folders, if this happens, try copying just the files contained

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