Migration from 10.5 to 10.8 server-Webdav

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    Dec 9, 2005
    I have given up trying to get my server configuration to run on 10.8 server and have instead configured a 10.6 Virtual machine to run on the 10.8 server! I have been trying to migrate from a 10.5 G4 server which did VPN, file serving and Webdav services (running open directory).

    I managed to move off the VPN, OD and file services (although I had problems with OD because 10.8 would not talk to 10.5 server). I have not however been able to move the web services. I ran three sets of webdav services, under 3 different website names. One was http and the other two https. On 10.8 you only seem able to set webdav services as fileshares (so you have to point at server/share and can't have 3 addresses pointing to root directories -that I can see). Also getting OD users to work seems odd, there is a apple.com knowledgebase I found, and I could get users to authenticate ok but it locks you into https. The server app seems to be missing all the settings for webdav under server manager.

    Interested to see if anyone has had similar issues and got it working all under 10.8. for now I am doing DNS, OD, VPN and filesharing on 10.8, and the virtual 10.6 server authenticates against the 10.8 server and does the webdav.

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