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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by johnh57, Aug 26, 2015.

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    I'm seriously contemplating a new desktop machine. It's unlikely it will send my mbp laptop into oblivion, but mostly it will. As I understand it it's possible to completely clone the laptop onto a desktop (system setup assistant) - but then there are software licensing issues. Some of the programs on the laptop need to be ported over and not left on the laptop at all (autocad for ex), others I may want to just get a second license (office).

    To make it even more interesting, I have a Parallels 10 VM on the laptop. It needs to stay there as there is one program that will stay on the laptop and not be ported over, so I'll need another parallels license (and w10) for the new desktop. There is one program on the VM that needs to move over to the new desktop. Most everything else can stay on the laptop VM.

    Do I run setup assistant - or migration assistant or ?

    I do have time machine, Carbon Copy Cloner, and winclone backup files on a external usb drive.

    One program I have on the VM is an older program on disk that I have all the key numbers for - but the new desktop won't have an optical disk drive. I'm thinking I'd like to start clean on the windows VM.
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    I prefer Migration Assistant. Setup Assistant automatically runs on first start up and I'm more interested in see that the new computer is running ok on the base system before adding the stuff from the old computer into the mix.
    Here is instructions from Apple about using Setup Assistant and Migration Assistant to transfer data:

    I would try Migration Assistant to transfer your data and apps, then try your apps to see if you need a new license or to reenter registration numbers. I have had good luck in the past of having very few apps that needed to be registered again.

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