Milanese Gold Loop strap


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Jul 8, 2019
I notice that nowhere on the Apple Store does it actually mention what the Milanese watch strap is made of? It says that the watch body itself is stainless steel but I note rather conveniently that it does not mention that the Milanese strap is also made of stainless steel in fact it seems to go out of his way not to mention what it's made of, at all.

It certainly looks stainless steel.

I purchased the 44 mm series four watch and strap this year (2019)

I am experiencing a rather unusual phenomena, I am based in Spain and it can be rather humid although I have travelled already around the world (literally) in other much more humid environments and when I rest my watch on a White small cotton face towel to avoid the watch strap coming into contact with the glass table , I have noticed that the watch strap stains the white cotton towel to such an extent that even bleach will not remove the stain from the white towel.

I have no idea where this colour is coming from although it appears to be coming from the actual magnet on the strap rather than the strap itself. There is no other sign of any discolouring on the strap or magnet and yet each time I use the towel, the stain is deposited within a few minutes. All rather odd, I can only imagine that perhaps they covered the watch strap in some fine oil to protect it but I'm not so sure about that, as I'm sure it will have already have disappeared by now.

I do sweat a little bit when wearing the watch but nothing that would cause the discolouring of the cloth .

My worry now is if I wear an expensive dress shirt double cuff, it is going to stain that as well. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

The watch and strap were purchased in the apple store tokyo
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Apr 27, 2015
Gilbert, AZ
It's definitely a coated or plated stainless though at least on the gold. Silver is raw stainless and black is diamond like carbon coated


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May 22, 2019
It sounds like your band may just be dirty due to sweat & oils from your skin. Give it a good cleaning and see if that corrects the issues. If not, take it to an Apple store to be replaced.