iPod Milestone for iTMS Australia


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Jan 20, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
.... they just added the Wiggles. I expect this to be major :D It's great to see that the iTunes Music Store is being tailored to Australia :)


For those who don't know the Wiggles:

Originally a five-piece group, the Wiggles began their career playing at pre-schools and childcare centres. The group shared their receipts for their shows with the centres, who were able to use the popular Wiggles concerts as lucrative fund-raising events.
The group was able to capitalise on the contacts and goodwill that The Cockroaches had built up during the 1980s -- that band toured regularly throughout Australia -- and they also built up their performance expertise and public exposure with occasional busking around Sydney.
Their combination of kid-friendly songs, videos and characters were a quick hit in Australia in the early 1990s. Their first CD was released in 1991. With international exposure, the group became extremely popular in the United States and elsewhere in the 2000s.
After several years of extensive touring around Australia, the group were established as the most successful children's entertainment act Australia had ever seen. They performed literally hundreds of shows each year, their videos and CDs sold in ever increasing numbers and they regularly won every major industry award in their category.
Their first overseas tours brought the Wiggles to the United States and Britain in the mid-1990s. It was in the U.S. that they had their first major international success.
After an initial slow entry into the United States market (touring with the organization that produces the Barney & Friends children's show), the Wiggles secured a deal with The Walt Disney Company, and saw their videos and TV series screened to preschool children across America.
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Jul 4, 2005
I have a 12" vinyl single of The Cockroaches. Very much 80's Aussie Pub Rock only with very familiar voices. Not all that great to be honest.


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Sep 11, 2004
Canberra, Australia
I've got most of the videos lying around at home somewhere too. :eek:

Actually, back in the day the Wiggles were n00bs on the kiddie entertainment scene. Don Spencer, Peter Coombe and Fransiscus Henry were where it was at. :cool: