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Militant's time for Revenge


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Jan 20, 2014
Welcome to Militant Carnage. Take up sides in the factions & play survivor and saviour. Shoot down the terrorists, thugs & goons while saving the civilians. The civilians have been taken hostage and with your platoon in danger, bombard in and save some lives, Commando.

A game about skill where you get better as you play along. Mankind is in need of a saviour from the carnage created by the platoon consisting of countless thugs, goons, militants and terrorists who hold the civilians as hostage whenever they can. As a commando, you get to rain havoc on them. Move through the crowd, shooting down the enemies, without hurting the civilians and soon you would be christened as their champion.

Check out the Miltiant Carnage Trailer

Intuitive single touch based gameplay, which is so easy to pick that it wont be long before you would be taking headshots of the militants and terrorists. Using a single finger, slide up and down while taking aim and headshots. And above all, you are not alone to bombard on the terrorists as you would be laced with special powers that can help you turning the tide in your favour at any time.

Make sure that mankind would never be held ransom again with these special powers:

  • Special Commando units that can take the carnage to the enemy at once.
  • Save the civilians held under ransom by activating the Lightening Bolt, which gives you heightened speed & accuracy.
  • Keep the carnage going by replenishing your platoon at the right time by using Health Packs.
  • Keep out an eye for the special goons and thugs that act as Sleeper Cells in the enemy faction.
  • If you find a militant or terrorist on the other side, quickly change directions using Double Arrow.

The game features two different game modes which complement each other and would appeal to you depending on your mood. Take up the challenge of taking out as many militants as you can in a limited time period or target the thugs and goons in a unlimited time mode where you would be penalised for hurting a civilian. Don't just keep the excitement to yourself and compete with your friends and others around the world to find out who is the best commando and adept at rescuing mankind from the threat of militants while raining havoc and carnage on them.

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