mind = blown (got iphone yesterday..)


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Jun 28, 2010
I had a lot of expectations of the i4, and i can safely say it met and exceeded them.

Having owned an iPhone 2g, various Motorola and Nokia phones, as well as Samsung Smartphones (pixon), i can safely give you the verdict: The iphone 4 is the best phone available.

My mind was blown this morning when I plugged it in to charge (was down to 3%), and I went to have a shower, breakfast, watched the news, came back up and saw it at 97%.. wow, just.. wow.

There's so many features I could sit here and praise, but that will take forever, so I just wanted to point out one tiny feature that's puzzled me. I remember in the iphone 2g days, everyone was saying "where the f is cut and paste or copying or whatever"... and I've followed the news long enough to know that it's been added, but i'm not quite sure how it works.

Like last night for example, I was browsing the net in Safari when i accidently touched something and a little box appeared that say Cut/Copy/blah blah.. I wasn't sure how to replicate it, so could someone here kindly tell me how to use this wonderful feature?


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Mar 11, 2009
Cut/Copy/Paste has been a feature on the iPhone for a very long time but.......

When you have text you want to select to copy it, just hold your finger on the text you want to select and after holding for a few seconds a box will pop up. Then use the start and end pin to trim your selection down to your choosing. Hope this helps.

You can copy almost everything on the phone. I.E. phone numbers from contacts, ect.


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Jun 10, 2008
Touch and hold on text you want to cut/copy until the magnifying glass pops up. Then select text manually or all to the cut or paste.


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Apr 18, 2010
St. Louis
Glad you like your iPhone 4. It's one amazing device. ;)

To Cut, Copy and Paste, hold your finger down on a line of text until a black box appears, and select one of the three options (Select, Select All or Paste).


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Sep 10, 2008
Welcome! :cool:

iPhone 4 is a great phone. Don't let the antenna problems get to you. It's really not a problem unless your left handed or bridge the antenna for too long with your fingers. It didn't affect my data speeds, and only dropped a call when I tried to make it. (Deathgripping it while sitting in a concrete cupboard, full of metal, with another phone on the same network placing a call :eek:) On average, I found that the over all realistic signal is 3 bars in my area.

As for the charging, I love how fast the iPhone 4 charges :) I wish the iPad would charge in the same amount of time :rolleyes: The battery has really improved in iOS 4. I get up to 2 days 12 hours battery (1 hour 8 hours on iPhone 3G iOS 3)

Cut/Copy/Paste is used by tapping/pressing/selecting pieces of texts. Tapping on unselected texts brings up Select/Select All where as tapping on highlighted text it brings up Cut/Copy/Paste. to paste just tap in a text field and press paste :D You'll get used to it soon :) I didn't like it at first but apple nailed it i think :)

Enjoy your iPhone 4!

Irish Rose

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May 29, 2010
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iSaxon said:
Same here! I can't get over the retina display...
This is the feature on the iP4 that really stands out for me. :)


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Jul 26, 2010
I got to relive this experience all over again last night :) I got a 16gb on launch day, and I decided after my 30 day return period that I wanted a 32gb instead. Went to the Apple store last night and bought one for $499. I'm just going to jailbreak and unlock the 16gb and flip it on eBay.

It's like Christmas in July all over again :)
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