Minecraft Editor (Skin editor) v2.0

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    Minecraft Editor
    Version : 2.0


    Information :

    *** 4 starred application ***

    Let your imagination makes your own skin : Power Ranger without pants, Homer Simpson with a Batman t-shirt, a pig skin, and even more !

    With more than thousand possibilities : the only bound is your imagination !!!!

    Edit your skin, easily and quickly choosing a head, arms, legs and a body.
    Thanks to the 3D viewer you'll be able to see your skin on a 3D model, and you'll see the modification in real time !

    Make your 3D model moving and rotating to see all part of its.
    And the better thing of this application : Upload your skin directly to the minecraft server !!! Once you get the skin what you wanted, push the "Upload" button. Restart your Minecraft game and see the changement !!!

    Download :

    Minecraft Editor For iPhone and iPod touch

    New features :

    - Predefined skins added.
    - You can save your skin in the iPhone or upload the skin to an image host.

    Please if you need more information, or something else contact us !

    Hope you'll enjoy it !

    PS : Promocode available here. Hurry up, they won't still available if someone use one of the code before you do ;-) .
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