Mini - Air 2011 networking problems (Lion)


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Jan 1, 2012
Hello there fellow posters!

This is my virgin post here, so please be gentle.

Cutting my story short: I have a 2011 Mini (Radeon, 8Gb ram, 750Gb 7200 rpm drive, apple bto) and 2011 MBA (128/4) both had Lion preinstalled.

These are my first macs (been using windoze for nearly 2 decades) and I'm loving them like no other gadgets before.
The only problem I'm experiencing is a total inability to make these two work via local network or even airdrop. Both computers see each other (in finder sidebar as well as air drop), I can browse shared folders, but as soon as I try to copy a file all gets stuck on the estimating time dialog. In airdrop, however, the file is accepted, but the speed is 0,5Mb per minute at the most. I tried both the native Lion wi-fi ad hoc mode, and the local Lan Airdrop workaround, both with the same results. Please note the the web brosing on both wi-fi cards is working flawlessly, so I don't think it's a hardware issue.

Most curiously, my old vista laptop works just fine with both macs on the same network and the copying speeds are as they should be.

I checked firewall, my router settings etc, all is fine to me.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated

P.S. iTunes Home sharing fuctionality works, but is also speed crippled (mp3s stutter, copying lasts forever)

P.S.2 iChat bonjour file transfers fail. The 'save' dialog appears on the other machine, but after clicking 'save' the transfer fails.
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Sep 28, 2009

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Nov 8, 2010
That is an odd issue. What is you network layout (router type, etc)? Are the computers close or far from each other and/or the router? I would recommend you try using a wired network, but the Air doesn't have a built-in Ethernet port.


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Jan 1, 2012
Yes it is odd indeed. The maximum space between the machines is like 6-7m.
I don't have any doors between rooms so both computers can literally see each other and the router. To test Air drop I placed both machines right next to each other.

Mini is wired to the router Air works wirelessly.

Router model is Edimax BR-6504n. It is broadcasting in B/G/N mode (my psp uses B mode, ps3 and Ipod use G mode, Air and vista laptop use N). I also tried switching to single standard mode, with no change.
If you have any hints regarding advanced router settings that I should know of, please share.

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