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    I am seeing two different kinds of "mini display port" plugs. Both are called "mini dispaly port connectors" in every place I view them. One version has a row of 10 holes on the white interior insulator strip both on top and bottom of the plug for a total of 20 tiny holes. The other version does not have the holes.

    Can anyone tell me if this a manufacturing difference or is there an actual functional application difference between these two plugs. The physical dimensional aspects of these two connectors is the same with the exception of the 20 holes on the one unit. The following links show the holes versus no holes connectors to which I refer.

    Holes version:

    No holes version:
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    The holes don't match up with anything on the mating connector - and no mention of those in any specifications for the connector (or I don't see any mention)
    I conclude that the "holes" are a manufacturer's design choice for building the cables, and the presence (or absence) of holes serves no purpose for the user.
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    It's just a manufacturing difference. Nothing connects through those holes.

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