Mini-Displayport to DVI to hdmi? Quad vs Octo?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by iVoid, Mar 16, 2009.

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    I'm preparing to jump in and get a new MacPro.

    I'll be driving two monitors. One needs dual-link for the 1600x12000 resolution and the other is a 720p television with HDMI connectors.

    I know the Mini-Displayport to DVI adapter will be needed along with a DVI to HDMI cable/adapter. Don't need sound (that goes via toslink to my sound system).

    I'm just curious if anyone with the new displayport Macs (including the 'Books and iMac) have verified that this configuration works okay.

    As for the MacPro, I think the quad will be enough for me. It's still a vast improvement over my 4 year old PowerMac G5 dual 2.3GHz.

    If you factor in the $150 for the 3GB to 6GB ram difference (that I'd get for the quad anyway), the octo is $550 more expensive. I hate that the quad is really stuck at 8GB and not upgradable to dual processors, but I don't think I really need more than that now anyway.

    Basically, I do a lot of HD video playback/recording (three EyeTV tuners), encrypting/decrypting, and video encoding that tend to tax my current system.

    With the new system, I'll be adding Windows emulation sometimes (really looking forward to tossing my old PC box for good).

    If apple would have put the better video card or a bigger HD in for the $3299 price, it would have made the jump up an easy decision.

    So, thoughts on dual vs octo?
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