Mini displayport to vga can't set to 640x400

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by programmasters, Aug 18, 2011.

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    May 23, 2011
    Hi, I have a unibody macbook pro 17'. However i can't conenct it properly to my projector(read "old projector"). The native resolution of the projector is 640x400(standard vga i believe). However i can only set the resolution to 800x600. This makes the image screwed up. So my question is. How can i get my mini displayport to vga to output standard Vga resolution?
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    Oct 9, 2008
    In your Display Preferences->Arrangement tab, do you have it set to mirror displays or the default which is to extend the display? Also, if you try to use the projector while in clamshell mode (with your MacBook Pro's display closed), do you get the expected resolution of 640x400?
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    That helped me. I run two displays with my unibody MBP and the external one is VGA and about 4 years old so it wouldn't do higher resolution stuff but I finally got it to run 1440x1050 which is pretty impressive since VGA isn't supposed to be able to handle more than 1024 on the vertical portion (1280x1024). You'll need headphones to listen for whatever reason its too quiet. My MacBook Pro refuses to do allot of lower resolution stuff without a good fight as well.
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    I had a machine connected to a 24" monitor via VGA at 1920x1200. Didn't look that great (analog signal has poor separation at that resolution), but it was in fact running just fine.
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    May 23, 2011
    the cable works just fine when connecting to my 1024x756 lcd. When using an older powerbook g4(not the same cable but same beamer) the resolution can be set to that sweet 640x400(ok not sweet but you get the point) The cable even performs good in 800x600 but the beamer is like"what are you sending me, i will show you some skewed images" So considering that using an old powerbook g4 with an old mini-dvi to vga(i believe it is) the projector works fine, the new macbook pro with a new cable to a tft works fine, but i can't set the correct 640x400 in system preferences, only that dammed 600x800 and all higher resolutions, but no lower then 800x600 which my projector needs:(

    Is there a way to force system prefs to show me 640x400?

    *edit* almost forgot, i am already a faithful lion user, and the youtube video speaks of this boot file, which i found but there is nothing in it...

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