Mini LED coming to MacBooks


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Jul 23, 2011
According to Kuo's research note, upcoming Macbook Pro with 16 inch display will gain Mini LED backlight, with resulting significant improvement in picture quality. There was a news article last year that Apple met with manufacturers re Mini and Micro led displays manufacturing and other articles stated that Mini LED entered mass production late last year. Can't wait for an upgrade in PQ on smaller MacBooks, hopefully this year!
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Apr 16, 2010
It will come with a price increase too. I expect a fully loaded 16", if it happens, to cost north of $10,000.


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May 13, 2010
I understand Apple computers "require" a premium for all the design innovations and quality of hardware, and I support that premium for what I USED TO get, but the ballooning of the margin recently has been so much that the computers have become practically unaffordable in my country, and have become comparable to purchasing cars.

2018 base 15" is ₹2,25,000 ($3000) before the standard 6% discount the store offers. The cheapest car in India is ₹2,66,643 ($3555) and with several discounts and bundled offers, this price effectively gets even lower, almost close to the $3000 price.

Previously, the top model MacBook 15 used to come for under $3000 and that represented a serious value for the quality of hardware and software that we get in return. Today, with the unreliable nature of components in these notebooks, lots of gates, in India where people are seriously value-for-money driven owing to the toll it takes on them to earn that money, this is a simple no-no.

If Apple were to start dating with $10,000 mark, it better not bother releasing it in India. :p


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Nov 3, 2011
^ this. I don't think his note said the 16" will have the mini-led backlighting. It would be a compelling buy though if it did.
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