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    Nov 24, 2011
    I have too many Apple products,, but my latest was the mini Mac. We have it connected to our TV.I would like to thumb through my pictures all night long on the TV along with listening to Itunes,,, HOW can I make this happen??? HOW can we make the screen saver,,, go through my Iphoto,, and STAY on?? I have looked all over and know the system pref---just not sure where/what to set the screen saver on,,, or the energy saver. Surely there is a way to do this???I do understand this sounds like a very simple problem,, but I can NOT figure it out!! I have spent about 2 days on forums with this,,,,,

    Thank you in advance for the response.

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    Nov 13, 2011

    Okay: you can do this, but you can't access iTunes while having your iPhoto library as the Screen Saver - it's impossible. A screen saver is meant for an inactive computer, not one that is actively working. And, in your case, you will be actively changing the songs/pictures on the screen.

    If you have Lion & a trackpad, start iTunes and iPhoto - full screen both applications. Then, make iPhoto start a slideshow of all your images & you can sit back and see the photo library pass before you on your TV screen. Moreover, whenever you want to change the song, just four-finger swipe to iTunes and change the song.

    In regards to your Screen Saver idea, you can have iTunes, on shuffle, playing songs in the background, while the Screen Saver is running - but you will not be able to change the song or photo manually:

    While connected to your TV go to...

    System Preferences -> Desktop & Screen Saver -> On the left, below the list of default screen savers, there should be a "+" -> Click the "+" and "Add Folder of Pictures" -> locate your iPhoto library & click "Choose" -> then choose when to "Start screen saver" (I would set the scroll bar to the lowest setting to start it ASAP)

    Have iTunes already up and running, playing music on shuffle. When the Screen Saver starts, iTunes will continue playing music and changing songs by itself, and you will have a slideshow of your photography to enjoy as well.

    Hope something here works for you..

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