Mini unresposive after waking from sleep

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by danny_w, Feb 26, 2014.

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    I don't know exactly what is causing this yet but when I wake my 2012 mini from sleep it takes a few seconds before it will "come alive" so to speak. I have an internal Samsung Evo 250GB ssd as a boot drive and a CalDigit T3 external in SW RAID0 for my home folder and iTunes library. I suspect that the delay may be due to the SW RAID accessing the T3 but don't know for sure. The main issue is that my AppleTV is timing out when trying to connect to the library if the mini is asleep. Any ideas?

    EDIT: I plan to do these tests but can't do them until I get home tonight:

    1) Move home folder back to ssd. This will test if having the home folder external is the issue.
    2) In addition to above shut down iTunes to see if iTunes access to a SW raid volume is the issue.
    3) in addition eject the T3 and shut it off. This will tell me if mounting and loading the SW raid drivers is the issue.

    I suspect that the real issue is #3 which will mean that I need to use hw raid for my external. This is my first experience with SW raid.
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    Has it always done this? What display is it connected to?
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    No I apparently neglected to say that it started happening around the time that I got my CalDigit T3 installed. However I did some other changes about that time such as moving my home directory to the external so I could not be sure what was causing the unresponsiveness.

    I think I found the problem after the series of experiments that I listed above.

    1) After moving the home folder back to the internal ssd the unresponsiveness on wake disappeared but the AppleTV would still time out when looking for the library if the computer and disk were asleep.
    2) This step was not necessary since the computer itself was now responsive immediately after wake.
    3) I then moved the iTunes library to another external (not RAID) and ejected and shut off the T3. This seemed to cure the AppleTV issue with timing out. I tried it again this morning after the computer and disk had been sleeping all night and again the AppleTV immediately found the library.

    The conclusion that I draw from all of this is that something (the software RAID drivers most likely) takes a while to wake up and become completely responsive after waking from sleep. This is my first experience with software RAID and I think I have learned a few things:

    a) Do NOT put your home folder on a software RAID volume or the computer will be unresponsive for a while upon waking from sleep.
    b) Do NOT put your iTunes library on a software RAID volume or attached devices may time out while waiting to connect to the library.

    Of course both of these problems could be avoided by not allowing the computer or drive to go to sleep, but that is not a solution that I want to accept at the moment. I will probably be sending the T3 back to CalDigit. I have been in discussions with them about the issues I have been having and they are interested in the outcome.

    If anybody here that has experience with software RAID can shed some more light on the situation or correct my conclusions then please do so.

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