Miniature Sets (Green Screen Actors)

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    Hi. Over the summer we will be shooting a project. As we have pretty much no money, I thought we could design the sets in miniature (1/10th scale)

    Obviously our plan is to design the sets first. Then film the actors on the green screen. Then, after keying each chosen shot, we will choose a frame that sums up each shot and print them on assetate to lay over a screen to line up the miniature shots. Oh and we will record the angle the camera is at for each shot too (to match the camera angle to the horizontal perfectly. :)

    Are there any calculations we need to do to match depth of field?
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    Jan 14, 2010
    Ok I have worked out the answer to the first question, and even developed a calculator for the aperture on the miniature set. See attachments for a copy (Excel)

    But this leads me to another question. If I'm filming as close as 5cm to the lens, doesn't that mean I'll need extension tubes?

    And how to do extension tubes affect the magnification?

    I.e if the extension tubes magnified by exactly 2x, would I need to use a 2x tele-convertor when filming the real footage on greenscreen?

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