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Apr 16, 2015
Hello everyone, I'm looking for a very minimal sling bag or reporter bag (no backpack) for :
- iPad Pro 12,9
- Sony A7C withe 16 35 lens
But in a minimal bulk (I already have a backpack but looking for a little bag just for this)

Thanks for your feedback ;)


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Jun 6, 2009
I‘m doing photography as part of my job, and I enjoy it as a hobby as well, and my setup usually includes a camera/accessories and ipad/accessories. Depedning your budget I would suggest to look into the following brands (not necessary in order of preference):
1. Crumpler : very nice and modern camera bags (my personal preference, their camera slings last forever)
2. Manfrotto: specialised camera bags, but still classy (check the advanced2 models)
3. Peak Design everyday sling camera bag, very sturdy, you cannot go wrong with this.
4. Billingham messenger bags: on the expensive side, very classy, it’s on the Christmas wish list of most of my professional friends, if they don’t already have one.
4. Lowepro and Case Logic: very good camera bags, much more affordable in terms of cost. the go-to solution if you don’t want to spend a fortune.

I‘m pretty sure that I’m forgeting a couple brands, but how many bags could somebody own for the same kit?

Personal advice: if you travel light, you could always buy a bag you like and stick the camera in a pouch or candy, the A7 with the 16-35 has a low profile, so you don’t really need a specialised camera bag.

Hope that helps.
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