Minimal service plan for AT&T 5s? No data?

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    I'm considering giving my 5s to my son when my 6+ arrives. It is an ATT phone. He doesn't need much of a service plan. I would consider getting a minimal (texting only?) plan just for emergencies and he can use wifi for everything else.
    Does anything like this exist?
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    The iPhone honesty needs a data plan to truly function, basic things like iMessage need the data plan, not a text plan.
    Best solution would be to get him a cheap flip/dumb phone and use the 5S on wifi as an iPod touch.

    Since 2009, ATT requires a data plan for smart phones as outlined in their Wireless Customer Agreement.

    Activating an iPhone with a SIM that does not have a data plan will automatically add a data plan to the account: "If you're using a smartphone without an appropriate data plan, you'll receive a free text message and email notification that your account has been updated from a basic or quick messaging phone rate to a new proper data plan for your smartphone."
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    here are some choices. i thought of. it depends on your budget and your son's budget.

    the very first thing you need to do is contact AT&T and get that iPhone unlocked. you and your son might like AT&T, but if u want to explore all the possibilities out there your going to need an unlock.

    you can also add him to your plan. but that would be expensive. maybe $15 to $45 a month ???? and he would use your minutes?????

    here are some choices.

    small budgets (no cellular data everything on wifi)

    AT&T go phone = $25 for 90 days for 250 minutes or 10 cents a text. + NO DATA every 90 days you need to spend $25. if you spend less then you only get 30 days. this is a better deal then what tracfone charges.

    h20 wireless $10 for 90 days 5 cents a minute + 5 cents a text + NO DATA. $10 gives you 90 days of service. sim cards are 1cent on amazon, refill cards are hard to find.. you need to refill from h20 or pin zoo. watch out. the monthly cards they sell at retail stores DO NOT work on PER MINUTE plans. h20 uses att's network

    as long as CELLULAR DATA is disabled H20 and AT&T do not mind you having an iPhone.

    if you want cellular data for h20 it is $30 a month and for go phone it is $40

    medium budgets

    walmart has a very popular plan for $30 you get a TMOBILE sim card and 100 minutes of talking , good for emergencies, and 5 gb of data, and unlimited texts.
    the welcome kit costs $35. most walmart stores are aligned with straight talk so you won't find this kit in stores.

    cricket has good plans they are $35 to $55 and use the AT&T network, unlimited talk + 1 gb + or so of data and you don't need to unlock your phone

    walmart has "straight talk" they have plans as low as $30 that include 1500 minutes plus unlimited texts.

    straight talk is kind of screwy. on their plans they say they offer unlimited data (up to your usage limit) but the fine print says no audio streaming and no video streaming. according to the fine print, if they find you watching netflix they can cancel your service.

    metropcs plans are $40 to $60. metro is owned by t-mobile. it is the same network. you do not get music streaming. i heard the voice is more compressed then t-mobile. and does not sound as good

    large budgets
    tmobile has some good plans $50 - $80 a month. ranges from 1 gig to unlimited

    with t-mobile you get free unlimited music streaming. which is something your son will probably like. there are some reports that the $30 walmart plan gives you this benefit as well.

    even someone spending $10 a month with an iPad gets unlimited music streaming on t-mobile.

    i would get your iPhone unlocked. and try t-mobile @ walmart. its only $35 for the welcome kit. and the second month is $30 a month. if it doesn't work out or if you do not have good t-mo coverage. you can switch carriers with no penalty

    consider adding him to your share plan with AT&T. this will cost $15 a month, as long as that iPhone is paid off.
    however you need to make sure he doesn't use too much of your data or you will get charged for it.

    last i heard AT&T gives people $100 if they add another device to their accounts
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    If you're on post paid account AT&T mandates data plans on all iphones.
    You can put him on a prepaid plan though without a data plan. Those are much cheaper also with many choices.
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    Thanks for the ideas.

    My service is through my work, so I can't add another line.
    My wife has a Verizon phone, so no-go there.

    It seems like $25/month is about the minimum, which is more than I am willing to spend.

    I will probably just make it into an ipod touch for him.
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    Jun 13, 2010
    This is what I was hoping for. My expectation is that he will only use cellular for an emergency.

    Trying to figure out the cheapest plan.

    H2O wireless


    Looks like $10 for 3 months. That sounds very reasonable.

    Anyone with any experience with either one?
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