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May 15, 2013
Norfolk, VA
Building a work station with dual 27inch thunderbolt displays for the new office and i'm looking for just a long 7-9ft wood table - not to deep and hopefully cool unfinished wood look. Going for a minimalistic look - it would be nice to stay under $600

Here's some examples of what I'm thinking - unfortunately none of the examples come with company names. Examples number 7 & 10 are my favorite.

Thanks for any help!


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Jan 4, 2002
Austin, TX
Go to Home Depot or Lowes and ask for "cinder blocks" and this stuff called "plywood" (for that natural, unfinished look) and they will set you up for well under $600. You can easily get an 8 foot-long sheet of "plywood" as it is a standard length.


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Dec 29, 2006
Monterey CA
Something not so 1960 college dorm: Ply is readily available in different surfaces like oak, maple, etc. It is kept inside at lumber yards and they will cut it down from the 4x8 as you wish. They also sell edging tape that is easily applied to the edges of the ply and it too comes in different woods.

Thee are lots of legs available on-line, from modern brushed aluminum to various wood shapes. Many come with brackets that screw on easily and are sturdy. Otherwise you have to get into woodworking to attach bare legs properly.

Wipe the surfaces with "Wipe on Poly". Just wipe on with a rag. A couple or three coats, no brush or roller, smooth, dries fast. Good stuff. With any care you now have a simple yet classic design that is better than the standard hack jobs you see.

You can also use unfinished interior doors. They are thicker, not so big and also come in different wood varietie. Note that they are hollow, so attaching legs is harder. Also, you have to like the size because cutting them creates problems . I suggest gluing on little squares under each corner and then attaching the legs to those. You don't need the edging tape with doors.


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Nov 26, 2011
I've gone both the unfinished door and Ikea route. An unfinished 30" x 80" door is typically $25 to $125 (hollow not solid) depending on the finish. Instead of legs I'd suggest trestles from any decent home furnishing store including Ikea. To stabilize them use small wood blocks attached with carpenters glue (drilling into hollow doors isn't recommended).

Alternatively Ikea (and Staples online) sells lots of wood veneer desk sets with adjustable legs within your price range. I have one in maple that is still as sturdy as the day I assembled it, 8 years ago. At Ikea you want to choose from their office selection, not the student or bedroom desks.
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