Minimizing my EDC, What Wallet to buy, etc?

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    So right now I am using a Cartier Santos wallet, with a bunch of credit cards, drivers license, etc in it. With the advent of Apple wallet, I really don't want to carry this big honking thing anymore, so here is what I plan on doing:

    Car & Health insurance Progressive has and always had allowed your car insurance card to live on your phone, So this is what is going to happen.
    Drivers License I am lucky to live in Arizona, where there is a pilot program for a mobile drivers license that will live in the app. I was warned that this is valid ONLY in Arizona (and I assume other states like Louisiana and Delaware with a working Mobile DL Pilot/App), and only valid for supported stores, supported bars, and traffic stops. It will not be valid with TSA, or proving your identity to a private entity such as a bank (YET). This being said, I do want to keep my actual drivers license with me. Also judging by when Apple Pay first came out, all it takes is one untrained cashier to ruin your entire purchase.
    Military ID, I honestly don't care to keep this on me, so I will keep this at home. I don't utilize military discounts etc anyway.
    Student ID, See Military ID., again, I don't utilize student discounts anyway, unless its Apple, which is validated with a .edu email address anyway.
    Credit and Debit cards, This is the big one. This is the most important one. I have set up all of my cards inside of Apple Pay, and I have set up Walmart Pay as well so I can still go to Walmart. I still need to keep at least one physical card with me for places that either don't have NFC enabled, mostly sit down restaurants.
    House Keys, I enter through the Garage door, with a MyQ device, so I don't need to carry house keys with me. I use a SonicWALL with a AT&T backup connection for smart home devices, so I can always enter the house even if the internet went out. If the power goes out, I have a key lock box in the back door where I punch in a code to get the keys.
    Costco Card, Stupid, but I have heard that as of July 22, there will be a virtual Costco card you can finally load inside of their app. Until this holds true, I guess I have to carry this thing around for gas at the very least, because gas at Costco is much more affordable.
    Bus & Train pass, Theres an app for that now. At least here in Phoenix.
    Car Keys, Need a solution for this one other than buying a Tesla. I right now do only have a key ring with each car key on it, and a tile. Depending on which car I take for the day, I will utilize the right key. If I come into money, I would just go for the Tesla, and have the cool phone keys app. I admit, this is a very dumb reason for wanting a Tesla, but hey, I'm me.

    So in the end, I am pretty much looking for a wallet that holds at least two-three cards, in a nice fashion, that doesn't look ugly and not too bulky. What kind of wallet do you guys recommend? The reason why I am doing this is I don't like carrying a lot of things with me. My ideal now is to leave the house with nothing but car keys, and a phone, and a very small and slim wallet.

    I like keeping things that I carry with me to a minimum.
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    I have a small Tumi wallet. All that’s in it is my driver’s license, one debit and one credit card, and of course my get-out-of-jail-free card.
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    What's your purchasing budget?

    Some of us mellow peeps have been grooving on an original rainbow wallet since "Dark Side of the Moon" was released, and vinyl was the only option.

    They have black ones, orange ones (the new black), and some camo ones that you will never ever want to lose in the pot fields woods.

    Peace out, man.

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