Minor Kink with Retailer over iMac 27" Quadcore

Discussion in 'iMac' started by erure, Sep 23, 2010.

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    So I purchased an iMac today but I did it at our university's bookstore rather than through the Apple store because it was cheaper. As soon as I opened it up and turned on the computer, I saw a fine line on the lower right corner of the screen, which I couldn't wipe off. I didn't know what it was so I called up the store and they said I could bring it in for an exchange. When I brought the computer in, the bookstore people looked over the computer and agreed to give me an exchange. One of them brought out another iMac and while I was looking over the box, another employee pried open the glass encasement and took out the problem (it must have been a hair or something). Because there weren't any other problems with the computer (that I could see at the time anyway), I brought it back home. When I turned on the computer at home and examined it closely, I saw that there was a lot of dust under the screen because he had lifted off the glass. Should I ask for an exchange? Photography is a serious hobby of mine and I am overly sensitive about dead/stuck pixels on computers. What would you guys do if you were me? It annoyed me that the employee "fixed" my computer without asking or telling me because I knew that that would just lead to dust under the screen.
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    Do not take it back..... yet.

    If you are happy with everything else about the machine try to take care of the dust yourself.

    It is very easy to pry off the glass and carefully wipe both the LCD panel and the inside of the glass. I use a microfibre cloth with very little pressure at all. Just wipe it down and replace the glass. Do this until all the dust is gone. it should only take 1-2 tries to get it clean.

    Do not pull all of the glass off, just the top part. Leave the bottom tabs in place and just angle the glass away from the display enough to get the lint free cloth (of your choice) in there to wipe it clean.

    If you exchange your iMac you might end up with one that has more problems than just some dust.

    To pry off the glass I just grab the top lip on either the left, or right side with my finger nails and pry it up enough to get my fingers behind it. Then I carefully pry off the rest of the top of the glass. It is easy once you begin pulling the glass back. The magnets start to lose their strength / conection.

    I have had the glass panel off of my iMac probably 7-8 times (the LCD panel as well). It is not as big of a deal as everyone makes it out to be.

    Or, you could simply take it into an Apple Store and have them clean it for you. They are supposed to have some sort of roller to get the dust and lint off.
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    I advise you not to. I am on iMac #5 and will be taking it back to the Apple Store this weekend and go for #6. The whine that the optical drive fan makes is just too much. I don't mind fan noise, but this has an oscillating high pitched whine.

    If this had just a little dust, I would wipe it off and be happy.

    Why chance getting a yellow screen, bad gray banding, dead pixels, noisy HD, buzzing when you change the display brightness, whining fans? Why on earth would you risk having one of the above issues when all you have is a little bit of dust on your screen which is easy to deal with?

    If there was little chance of getting an iMac with an issue I would say return it and get a new one. However, based on my experiences and the experiences of others on here with similar faulty iMacs..... the chance of getting an iMac with more issues than a little dust is too great.

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