Minor release for doc: mom signed, then dad said no

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by OXX, Aug 20, 2014.

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    Mar 4, 2014
    Please forgive me if this is not an appropriate forum for this issue.

    I just finished filming a documentary about a motorcycle rally, including concerts. One band was three teenage sisters (who were awesome BTW). I got performance footage, autograph signing, and on-camera interview with them. Mom signed a release for them. I wish I'd stopped there. I then interviewed dad about the band, but when it came to the release he wanted to further review. Got an email saying he couldn't sign because they need to be "unencumbered" for potential TV deal in the works.

    Where do I go from here legally? Mom as parent and legal guardian gave the ok, so can I use the girls' footage? I obviously can't use dad's footage, but does his refusal force me to cut all the girls? Am I asking for trouble for my project, or potentially harming their deal if I move forward? Can I use the performance footage as "public fair use" but not their personal interview?

    I am in Mississippi, United States, by the way. Thanks for any help. I hate legal gray areas. lol.

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    I honestly think your best bet is to ask a lawyer. Unless there are lawyers reading this thread that would chime in.
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    I'm not a lawyer, but I seriously doubt whether you need both parents to sign a release for kids. I worked in advertising for years and only one parent's signature was necessary for a release for a minor.
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    If the family is getting interest from TV production companies then the father might become very litigious if he thinks something might derail talks with the TV people.

    The OP has to not only consider if he's in the clear or not but if he's willing to foot the legal bills to prove he is in the clear. It might just be too much of a headache.

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