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Oct 6, 2022
I’m currently on Xfinity Mobile paying for 1GB a month for $15, but they’ll be raising the price to $20 in May. I’m considering paying $15/month for 5GB with Mint Mobile.

I live in the Bay Area and often road trip to LA/San Diego. Anyone have feedback on how Mint Mobile is with reception in the Bay Area and/or road traveling through the rural areas?


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Aug 1, 2008
I also recommend US Mobile (not US Cellular). Their Verizon service is called Warp 5G and their T-Mobile service is called GSM 5G. In June they’re supposed to be adding AT&T which is currently being referred to by US Mobile as DeathStar.
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Mar 8, 2020
Mint works off of tmobile network, so reception is the same. Att network generally works better in the boonies. My mint lost signal sometime between Chicago and small towns while att(cricket) always gets the signal.

If tmobile coverage is good in your route then you will have no problems.
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