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Nov 27, 2015
I got a macbook air 13inches with 128 GB as a birthday present last month. At that time, I also had an ASUS core i5 and I had been using both. However, my ASUS got broken 4days ago and I'm thinking to have a Windows 7 bootcamp on my macbook air.
I want to know the minimum suitable partition size for Window 7 Home Premium version. I will use Window only for games like Dota2 and for antivirus and USB security software as some attacked files cannot be detected on mac. For mac, I am using programming software like eclipse, netbeans, Xcode and dreamweaver, etc. So, I want window 7 size to be as small as possible.
Replies with calculations will be more beneficial for me.


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Sep 6, 2002
I run a small Windows 7 Home Premium system in Parallels. It's about 25GB, so I'd say yes u should allocate 32GB.
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