Mirror Door G4 Has No Video/Doesn't Boot

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by guitarfrk268, Nov 30, 2006.

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    Ok, I have a dual 1 Ghz MDD G4 Power Mac, 512mb ram, 120GB hard drive, Radeon 9600... only problem is, it doesn't display any video when you turn it on. It has the lovely startup chime, but nothing ever appears on the screen. I don't think it really actually starts. If you try to zap the p-ram while it is booting nothing happens. I have reset the PMU, changed the battery, changed the video card, changed the ram, and reseated the processor. I have also pulled all the ram out and got the lovely "no ram" beep (squeel?).

    I'm about out of options here and I would really like to get it running again (I'm sick of photoshop for windows, and I can't afford to get a new machine). Anyone have any suggestions as to what the culprit piece of hardware might be? I've spent the last few years doing computer repairs, and am quite sure it is either the logic board or the cpu, but I am at school now, and don't have spare parts laying around to test it with... and I would rather not order a replacement cpu, only to find out that it is the logic board, or vice-versa. Thanks,

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    If you get a start-up chime, it's not the logic board or the cpu. Probably the HDD has went south on you.

    Try booting from an OS X install disc, while holding down the "c" key and see what happens.......
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    Can you get into Open Firmware?

    Try holding down the following keys during boot (like zapping PRAM):

    If you get into OF, then try the following commands:
    reset-nvram <ENTER>
    set-defaults <ENTER>
    reset-all <ENTER> (on which the Mac should reboot)

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