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    May 31, 2004
    Miss the old .Mac logo & related graphics like I do? Well, I luckily backed up all of them before updating. I opened the leaked MobileMe update in Pacifist & saw what was going to be changed. (Mods, let me know if this violates some forum rules at all, don't think it does though)

    As a warning, I'm not responsible for any possible damage that this replacement might cause (don't see any chance of anything bad happening but, whatever).

    Place the contents of "Prefpane graphics.zip" into:

    Place the contents of "AOS Graphics.zip" into:

    "UpdateNotificationAlertGraphic.tiff" will still be a MobileMe icon. There was none for .Mac

    Place the contents of "CoreTypes Graphics.zip" into:

    Besides the one exception stated above, all graphics should be able to be replaced. Logout/ Restart & that shiny blue orb should be back where it belongs :)

    Note: this is just a GRAPHICAL replacement. Attempting to do a full-on string replacement (to bring back all references to .Mac) would cause problems with other apps unfortunately. Hope this replacement process does help though :D

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    Jan 17, 2008
    Works great, thanks :D I think the new drive would have looked much better if it was blue instead of purple (just my personal opinion!) but whatever the old icon rocked! Thanks again.

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